Exit Strategy

Business Exit Strategy

Want to exit your business?

You might not be in a position to continue your business forever and you've got to end your business someday. But when you decide to end your business, you'll need to be at a gain with the closure. For this there are a lot of exit plan for business that you need to know and execute. Basically a business person should know that there are a couple of motives that are common to most exit strategies. Your client will want to lower the after-tax cash payment of the property or asset that he wants to buy from you.

Increasing your cash reserve to pay

You, on the other hand, will want to increase the after-tax cash payments after a sale. Both these processes are essentially contradictory and you need the expert business strategy to gain from the entire transaction. Regardless of the type of your business or the industry you belong to, a winning exit strategy is going to work.

Customized exiting

A lot of exit strategies can be formulated for your business, but one that is compatible with your business goals will work best for you. Your exit strategy should help you achieve your business goals. For a stock sale, your prospective purchaser will assume the liabilities of your business. The basis of assetcalculations remains unaltered. Even though the value of the asset might get depreciated over the years, the methods of calculations remain unaltered. With a good exit strategy you can transfer licenses and contracts without a lot of hassles. These are the documents on which the worth of the business in future rests.

The burden of Exit

When you sell an asset, the onus of clearing off the limited liabilities lies with the business owner selling his business. The purchasers, on the hand, are willing to purchase only those assets that are free from any kind of liabilities or any other hassles. They want to buy the property after all this at good market worth. The purchased asset undergoes depreciation according to the current market value. The methods of calculations change. However, the transfer of licenses and contracts to the purchasers might not be as easy as it was in the case of stocks.


The valuation of an asset is the most important of all business calculations. The cost of a property is determined by a number of factors namely amortization, TaxEarnings before Interest and Depreciation. Tangible net worth, revenue and net income are the other factors on which the cost of property is based. The selling price is calculated using a lot of alternatives. One alternative is to calculate the discounted cash flow of the company. The person selling the asset will be interested in knowing the cash worth of the asset on the day on which he is selling, whereas the purchasers will always want to know the worth of the asset on the present day as well as in the future.The popular market value of the asset is the price at which the asset is valued and set. If you've got a good exit strategy you can sell your asset at the price most profitable for you.

First - Take some time to think over it

Do not be in a haste to sign the sale deed. You should first consider the effect of your business strategy in future, the terms at which you have negotiated the dealings and other factors that are influencing the sale. Buyers and sellers have their own plan of negotiations for getting the best out of the finalized transaction. Both the buyer and the seller have to sign on agreements and guarantees for the transaction. Before finalizing the deal either party should sit together and review them.

Second – Analyze

In the case of any disputes, the planned exit strategy should take care for either party. Remembering, noting and analyzing the statements made prior to closing a deal is important. The CFO Services exit strategy experts help you in understanding all this very well.

Third – Finalize

After determination of the price the deal is finalized making and accepting payments is the next stage. For a business the most common form of accepting payments is cash, but some purchasers might want to make payments in cash and kind also and reach an agreement regarding that. The sellers would like the buyers to make payments in standardized ways. They want to sell in the most tax effective manner.

Tax – no more a problem

Tax issues are best taken care of by good business strategies. CFO Services has Exit Strategy experts that will make the best exit strategy for your business which will benefit your business the most.