Improve your Bottomline

Improve your Bottomline

Fetching you maximum profits

Good profits are the ultimate goal of any company. CFO Services has put in many years of efforts in making companies see good profits. We'll assess your company in totality and leave no stone unturned in our endeavors to fetch the maximum profits for your organization. A lot of firms have used CFO Services to devise ways to create or maximize their present and future profits.

Increase revenue or decrease cost

Making profits is not a Herculean task as many perceive it to be. You make profits when your revenues increase or the costs decrease or when both happen together. This is where you need to bank on CFO Services that are going to give you excellent remedies for increasing your profits as they are well-experienced in improving profits.


As worldwide consultants, Proudfoot Consulting say, every work is essentially a process that can be improved with correct analysis. According to them operating costs carry on overhead of 30 percent wastage. Enhanced quality management strategies like, Philip Crosby's "Doing it right the First Time (DIRFT)" is going to cut down upon your costs by a further 30%. With these simple strategies you can expect to reduce your operational costs significantly.

P-R-O-F-I-T Optimization

Since profit optimization is also a process that needs to be worked upon systematically. Your profit and loss statement is scrutinized line by line to see if there are any opportunities to increase your revenues and slash your costs. The revenues and costs of your contemporaries are also taken into account and all the deviant factors contributing to lesser profits are identified and corrected by making a planned budget.

Improvement methods

We would give you an insight of what we feel the organization lacks and would develop a path for the organization to work on. We can develop systems for the organization that would generate data in form of reports, viz. segment wise profitability report, cost component analysis & debtors ageing report.

These reports will help the management to take informed decisions on areas like:
  • Expansion of business
  • Closure of business segments
  • Employee assessment & approval, etc.