MIS & Decision Support System Services

MIS & Decision Support System Services

Most of the owners or entrepreneurs are busy doing business. The figures from the accounting system are more for the purpose of compliance than per adding value to the business. We at CFO Services get behind these figures and offer reports which help build up the business. We do an in depth analysis of your accounts to give you insights on profitability, cost and various trends in business.

We offer detailed MIS in area of

  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Stock
  • Profitability
  • Expenses and other balance sheet items

Spending more getting less

The entrepreneurs they spend 80% of the time in business which gives them 20% of the revenues & vice versa. Also they get information on product wise/ service profitability. They are also able to channelize their resources towards areas that are either contributing or would be contributing to exponential growth of the organizations.

MIS Reports – Your friend in need

Our experience shows that these MIS reports help the entrepreneurs take correct decisions on their path to faster growth. The decisions of the entrepreneurs are based more on detailed analysis & less on gut feeling, which is generally the case when there is no MIS or an ineffective MIS.

CFO services offer MIS reports on a monthly basis which provides as a report card on the past month & a road map for the month to follow